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  • How does self storage work?
    Self Storage, does what it says on the box. You have your own space which only you hold the key to as it is locked with your own padlock and no keys are kept by us. With 24 hour access, you can come and go to your hearts content.
  • Can I sign up today?
    Yes, you will need to visit the store within the office opening hours and bring along with you the following: proof of identity (a passport/ drivers licence); proof of address (a utility bill); and your first months rent.
  • Do I pay weekly or monthly?
    Customers are charged monthly on the anniversary of rental, one month in advance for their unit, and refund on a daily basis.
  • When can I visit my unit?
    We offer free 24 hour access to our Hardwick storage units, and 8.00am - 17.00pm access on our Bawsey site.
  • What is security like?
    Both our storage sites have state of the art cameras and motion lighting covering the full sites. Including a security perimeter and keycode access we pride ourselves in knowing your storage is safe.
  • What is the minimum/maximum time I can store for?
    7 days is the minimum and it can continue for as long as you like.
  • How to give notice?
    We ask 48hrs notice when you vacate your space and we refund any unused storage and insurance charges.
  • Is there anything I can not store in my unit?
    Please refer to our site rules and store list. (located at the bottom of our page.
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