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Removal Boxes


Here at King's Lynn Self Storage, we understand that sometimes in life certain events call for a little more space. Whether that be moving home, redecorating or renovating and needing a little room to store your furniture temporarily.  If you are relocating or just need somewhere for your treasured belongings while you're off exploring the world. Or maybe you just don’t have that space needed for your hobbies or sports equipment that’s taking over the house and garage.


King's Lynn Self Storage can save you time, money, and stress.

Moving house

With a lot of our customers storing whilst in-between homes, we understand how stressful this transaction can be. Whether you're decluttering to help push that house sale, in-between properties, or maybe now moving in and wanting to renovate and redecorate without the worry of your belongings being in the way and at risk of damage.


Let King's Lynn Self Storage take the stress and worry, leaving you to a smooth happy house move.

· Moving to a new house

· Decluttering

· Between houses

· Unexpected problems

· Unpack slowly

· Renovate

· Redecorate

· House fallen through

· Downsizing

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Student Storage

The beauty of student life is the flexibility, freedom, and moments of change that you experience during your time studying. This all comes with its’ own challenges, particularly when deciding what to do with your personal possessions? You could be traveling during the summer and renting out your pad whilst you are away, or you might be embarking on a Gap Year or simply changing Uni house and need somewhere to store your things for a short time. Whatever the reason for the change, you will be reassured in the knowledge that your personal belongings are safe with us.

Moving abroad or spending some time travelling?

Store your belongings in a clean, dry, and secure unit.  So, once your adventure is over you can pick things up where you left them.

Vehicle storage

Lack of space at home for your project car or maybe you might love riding your motorbike and cruising in your classic car in the warmer weather, but once the cold, rain, and snow have hit like most people you want to take your pride and joy off the road for the winter season to prevent damage in the cold and damp weather.

  • Convenience

  • Clean and dry

  • Gain back garage or driveway

  • Work on your car in the dry

  • Safe from the elements- rain, snow, wind

  • Protects from dings and scratches from elements or other vehicles

  • Out of direct sunlight to prevent damage to leather and paintwork

  • Keeps vehicle from the sun and temperature extremes

  • Engine stays lubricated

  • Plenty of ventilation

  • Stays clear of salt and grit on roads

Just need extra space

Garden shed, garage, or attic getting full?

Find that your hobby or sports equipment is taking over the house?

Time to de-clutter your home!