Here at King's Lynn Self Storage, we understand that sometimes in life certain events call for a little more space. Whether that be moving home, redecorating or renovating and needing a little room to store your furniture temporarily.  If you are relocating or just need somewhere for your treasured belongings while you're off exploring the world. Or maybe you just don’t have that space needed for your hobbies or sports equipment that’s taking over the house and garage.


At King's Lynn Self Storage, we currently have numerous companies big and small saving time, money, and stress by hiring units for business use, maybe it’s for you too? Store trade supplies and equipment, seasonal and excess stock, or maybe you have too much office furniture and need to free up some valuable office or workspace. Or just renovating, relocating, or decorating your premises…Then it’s perfect for you. With our trade business, we supply 24hr access so with those early starts it’s easy to just pop in and access all your supplies and equipment ready to be off and working bright and early.


King's Lynn Self Storage can save you time, money, and stress.